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traffic shaping on 4500 /3560 /3750 ??

Hi Guys,

I have done shaping before on the Cat 6500 and this can be done simply enough in class maps. Ok.

Now I want to do the same on a 4500. Cannot do this in a class map. Must be done on the queues on each interface. Am I right in thinking that if I want to shape outbound DSCP 0 traffic (say) to 1meg then all I'd do is to tune the queue for DSCP (set my the qos map command) and then shape that queue to 1000000 ???? If that works in that simple, one traffic type example, what if I had five customers hanging off of a gig interface and wanted to shape (not police) them to their contracts? They can't all go in their own seperate queues to allow for the tuning idea above. This would be simple in MQC - not at all simple - even impossible on the 4500 !

Any ideas guys? Am I thinking straight here?

Regards, Steve

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Re: traffic shaping on 4500 /3560 /3750 ??

Traffic Shaping is supported in tx-queue style interface configuration and not mqc style qos configuration. Refer URL

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