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Traffic shaping on Cat6513 Hybrid OS - CatOS with MSFC

Hello everyone,

I am working on putting an Ethernet-based MAN between one hub and three spoke locations. I was requested by Telco to put policing/shaping on my side to limit the traffic rate before coming into the cloud. One end of the circuit will be terminating at Cat6513 with Hybrid OS. What is the best way to go about it?

Should I try to implement it right on the switch/sup? Such as:

Set qos policer aggregate OptEMAN-rate rate 150000 burst 76 drop

Set qos acl ip OptEMAN dscp 0 aggregate OptEMAN-rate any

Commit qos acl all

Set port qos 3/4 vlan-based

Set qos acl map OptEMAN 950 952 954

Or should I do policing/shaping on msfc? Something like:

Class-map match-all OptEMAN-CM

description Match IP traffic from OptEMAN VLANs

Match any

Policy-map OptEMAN-PM

Class OpteMAN-CM

Shape or police ? 50 000

Random detect

Int Vlan 950

Service-policy input OptEMAN-PM

Int Vlan 952

Service-policy input OptEMAN-PM

Int Vlan 954

Service-policy input OptEMAN-PM

I guess I don?t know what the difference is between theses two. I also have to add that setup is such that all traffic between MAN locations will be traversing one of these three VLANs. Traffic on each VLAN should be limited to 50Mbps.

Thanks, Olga


Re: Traffic shaping on Cat6513 Hybrid OS - CatOS with MSFC

Traffic policing controls the maximum rate of traffic sent or received on an interface.Based on the results of the token bucket measurement, an action can be configured to mark packets and separate packets into multiple classes or levels of service.Refer

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