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Tricks to loading new IOS on 6513 with Sup2, MFSC2, PFC2

6513 Sup2 MFSC2 PFC2. Installing a new IOS - The tricks.

I had problems, including unable to read the new image from the flash: etc. etc.

Save off a copy of the startup into the flash:

Put an old version of IOS into the sup-bootflash: (one that will fit there). This old version will be used to help you when you need a crutch to get a new version in.

Note that the sup-bootflash: is referred to as the bootflash: in rommon>, not sup-bootflash:

The first problem encountered is that the startup config format may not be readable by the new IOS. From rommon> enter confreg 0x2142. This bypasses the config file.

The next problem will be that the boot system will still look for an old configuration line in the config to read the boot system <file name> value. This will be the old system. I.E. there are two places to find boot variables, one is the NVRAM boot variable (named either BOOT or boot), the other one is in a line in the startup config.

Find a way into that sup-bootflash: image. Take the flash card out and plug it into your PC. Edit a copy of the saved startup config using wordpad. Change the boot system value to the new system's name and location on disk0:. Put the flash back into the 6513 and copy the edited file into the running config and do a copy run star. It won't look perfect but the boot system value will be right.

Edit the config register to 0x2102. It seems to need to be saved from both the config command in the IOS and from the Confreg command in rommon> before it fully takes.

Rommon> confreg 0x2102.

Be cautious with case in the rommon>. rommon seems to be very case sensitive.

The system in disk0: should now boot with the new IOS. Copy the edited config into the startup config once again. This will give you a non-merged config. Reload. All should come up as it should.

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