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Troubleshooting Wirless Bridge & Range-Extender


I have a Linksys Range Extender (WRE54G v3) to enhance reception of the Wireless signal in my TV room downstairs.

With my Laptops (both Win & Mac) I have no trouble with the Range Extender. However, I installed a WET200 (Wireless-G Business Ethernet Bridge) in the TV Room in order to connect to the Internet both a Desktop PC as well as a Network-Blue-Ray.  With this configuration I have been strugling A LOT because the WET-200 will usually connect directly to the ADSL-Router which is upstairs, thus significanlty downgrading connection speed.

When I select "SITE SURVEY" in the Wireless Basic Settings of the WET200, I get both the Router as well as the Range-Extender option to connect to. I select the Range-Extender, I then provide the corresponding WEP settings and I CONFIRM. The WET200 Reboots, but when it comes up again, due to the fact that the "LINK-QUALITY" Status is still too low, I suspect my WET200 keeps connecting to the SDLC-Router Upstairs.

Is there a way to FORCE my WET200 to connect THROUGH the Range Extender instead of directly to the SDLC Router ? (obviosuly the SSID in both devices is the SAME).

Thank you in advance for your help !!!

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