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Trunk port and VLAN issue.

Hey everyone,

We have a 4510r switch with multiple VLAN's that we want to interconnect with a 3750 catalyst switch which is in a stacked configuration with another 3750, we want to trunk all of the VLANs to the 3750 using a trunk port on both ends.

The 3750 has been segregated already into 2 VLANS, 1 VLAN is used for SAN traffic and the other VLAN will be used for LAN Traffic.

We have the following VLAN id's on the 4510

150 - server VLAN

250 - Workstation VLAN

350 - Printer VLAN

But here's our snag, we have VLAN id 150 on the 3750 being used for SAN traffic. What would be the best way to proceed? shall I just create a new VLAN unique vlan on the 3750 and use that for SAN traffic?

Thanks in advance.


Trunk port and VLAN issue.

If you don't want to have the SAN traffic leaving the 3750, you'll need to have a unique vlan number assigned to your SAN traffic. Once you trunk the port between the two devices, you only have the option of allowing or disallowing the vlan across the trunk.


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