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Trunk port as a destination for SPAN session

Can we make a trunk port as a destination for SPAN session? If yes, how
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Of course you can. It will be

Of course you can. It will be configured the same as an access port:

monitor session 1 destination int g0/24

However be aware of the following:

Destination Port

Each local SPAN session destination session must have a destination port (also called a monitoring port) that receives a copy of traffic from the source port.

The destination port has these characteristics:

It must reside on the same switch as the source port (for a local SPAN session).

It can be any Ethernet physical port.

It cannot be a source port or a reflector port.

It cannot be an EtherChannel group or a VLAN.

It can be a physical port that is assigned to an EtherChannel group, even if the EtherChannel group has been specified as a SPAN source. The port is removed from the group while it is configured as a SPAN destination port.

The port does not transmit any traffic except that required for the SPAN session.

If ingress traffic forwarding is enabled for a network security device, the destination port forwards traffic at Layer 2.

It does not participate in spanning tree while the SPAN session is active.

When it is a destination port, it does not participate in any of the Layer 2 protocols (STP, VTP, CDP, DTP, PagP, or LACP).

No address learning occurs on the destination port.

A destination port receives copies of sent and received traffic for all monitored source ports. If a destination port is oversubscribed, it could become congested. This could affect traffic forwarding on one or more of the source ports.

Well, if i did so, the trunk

Well, if i did so, the trunk port will goes into "monitoring" mode and i will loose the connectivity to other switches that connects to the trunk port, 


So how i configure the trunk port as SPAN destination while i keep the connectivity to other switches through this port active?


one more thing i would like

one more thing i would like to add.

If the monitor session destination port is a trunk, you should also use keyword ‘encapsulation dot1q’. If you do not, packets will be sent on the interface in native format.

c3550(config)#monitor session 1 destination interface fa0/24 encapsulation dot1q

If you configure a SPAN destination as a trunk port, it will be able to capture all vlan tagged data.

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