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Trunk to PortChannel


I have 2 Cisco 6509 switches linked together via single Fibre as a trunk.

I want to change this to a port channel where I will add another 3 fibre ports to the port channel but what order do I do this to minimise any disruption.

1 Configure PortChannel and add the 3 new ports, this will bring up the Port Channel but what effect will this have on traffic currently going over the single Trunk link? Will spanning tree go mad, how will switches react?

2 Convert existing Trunk link to Portchannel then add in new ports to PortChannel, I guess in doing this there will be a small hit on traffic as it changes to a port channel.

Any advice appreciated.

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Trunk to PortChannel

Option 2 will definitely provide you with the least disruption of services but I highly suggest making these changes during a maintenance window.

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Trunk to PortChannel

Option 3:  Before adding additional links to the portchannel, please have them TESTED.  A bad fibre link can cause issues to an etherchannel.

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