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Trunking 2 Cisco 2960's through a Nortel 5530

OK here is the scenario

I have 2 2960's one at our main office and one at a remote location. They are both connected to ISP owned Nortel 5530's at each location. The ISP has created a VLAN and assigned that Single VLAN to the port on both ends that the 2960 plugs into. So once the 2960's are plugged in at each end this creates a nice link to our remote location.

My question is...I would love to be able to be able to create a trunk connection between the 2960's. Any suggestions on how to make the 802.1q traffic pass through these Nortels? I was thinking something like this on the 2960's..But have no idea about the Nortels.

switchport mode trunk

switchport trunk encap dot1q

switchport nonegotiate

Thanks for your help!!         

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