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Trunking between 6513 switches

I have a project that wants to trunk between 2 switches so that the voice connection comes from one switch and the data connection comes from a 2nd switch. Is there any way this type of connection can be created?

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Re: Trunking between 6513 switches


You've lost me :-)

Could you perhaps give a bit more detail ie. you have 2 x 6513 connected via a L2 trunk. What do you want to happen ?.

I'm assuming voice and data are in different vlans ?


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Re: Trunking between 6513 switches

Hello Patrick,

assuming as Jon has suggested that you have different vlan-ids for data traffic and for voice traffic you can select out what uplink to send traffic of a certain vlan by different means:

first of all by having two distribution switches dis1 and dis2 and making dis1 the root bridge for voice vlan and dis2 the root bridge for data vlan a third access layer switch can send and receive traffic of type x over link 1 and traffic of type y over link 2.

L3 services like HSRP can be configured following the root bridge.

plese provide more information on your scenario to get better help

Hope to help


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