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Trunking between Linksys and Cisco

I am working at a Customer Site that has a large Cisco switch fabric.

The customer purchased a Linksys switch model SRW224G4 recently and has asked me if we could hook this up to be part of our switch fabric.

I took a look at the configuration parameters on the Linksys switch. It has what looks to be some limited Trunking options, but I did not see VTP anywhere on it.

I created a trunk port on the Linksys switch and then configured a Trunk port using dot1Q on the Cisco switch and then connected the ports.

I have not had success so far.

Is it possible to trunk these switches together. I want to have the same VLANs on the Linksys as we have on the rest of our Cisco switch fabric...?

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Re: Trunking between Linksys and Cisco

I don't have a knowledge about Linksys switch but what I would do is to put a sniffer on the port and check for VTP packets. If the sniffed port from Cisco switch received VTP packets from Linksys then most likely it support VTP.

Another tips is the possibily to use VTP version 1 rather than version 2.

Sorry, can't help for Linksys switch configuration for VTP but good luck, anyway.


David Sudjiman

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