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New Member

Trunking Cisco Nexus 3048 with a Force10 S4810

Hi there,

While I am an experienced systems guy, I am relatively new to network infrstructure. I have been assigned the task of trunking VLAN between a Nexus 3048 and a Force10 S4810. This would seem easy enough but I am really having a bear of a time getting it to work. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have devices configured on VLAN 602 on both sides but they just are not talking.

NX0S 3048

interface configuration


interface Ethernet1/49

  switchport mode trunk


VLAN configuration

VLAN Name                             Status    Ports

---- -------------------------------- --------- -------------------------------

1    default                          active    Eth1/13, Eth1/14, Eth1/15

                                                Eth1/16, Eth1/17, Eth1/18

                                                Eth1/19, Eth1/20, Eth1/21

                                                Eth1/22, Eth1/23, Eth1/24

                                                Eth1/49, Eth1/50, Eth1/51


600  OOB                              active    Eth1/49, Eth1/50, Eth1/51


602  Production                       active    Eth1/25, Eth1/26, Eth1/27

                                                Eth1/28, Eth1/29, Eth1/30

                                                Eth1/31, Eth1/32, Eth1/33

                                                Eth1/34, Eth1/35, Eth1/36

                                                Eth1/37, Eth1/38, Eth1/39

                                                Eth1/40, Eth1/41, Eth1/42

                                                Eth1/43, Eth1/44, Eth1/45

                                                Eth1/46, Eth1/47, Eth1/48

                                                Eth1/49, Eth1/50, Eth1/51


604  Storage                          active    Eth1/49, Eth1/50, Eth1/51


606  ClientVPN                        active    Eth1/49, Eth1/50, Eth1/51


608  Test                             active    Eth1/49, Eth1/50, Eth1/51


610  Backup                           active    Eth1/49, Eth1/50, Eth1/51


700  Headquarters                     act/lshut Eth1/11, Eth1/49, Eth1/50

                                                Eth1/51, Eth1/52

800  HOUHQ-HOUDC                      active    Eth1/12, Eth1/49, Eth1/50

                                                Eth1/51, Eth1/52

1000 DMZ                              active    Eth1/1, Eth1/2, Eth1/3, Eth1/4

                                                Eth1/5, Eth1/6, Eth1/7, Eth1/8

                                                Eth1/9, Eth1/10, Eth1/49

                                                Eth1/50, Eth1/51, Eth1/52



Primary  Secondary  Type             Ports

-------  ---------  ---------------  -------------------------------------------

Force10 S4810

interface configuration


interface TenGigabitEthernet 0/0

no ip address


no shutdown

VLAN configuration

Codes: * - Default VLAN, G - GVRP VLANs, R - Remote Port Mirroring VLANs, P - Primary, C - Community, I - Isolated

Q: U - Untagged, T - Tagged

   x - Dot1x untagged, X - Dot1x tagged

   G - GVRP tagged, M - Vlan-stack, H - VSN tagged

   i - Internal untagged, I - Internal tagged, v - VLT untagged, V - VLT tagged

    NUM    Status    Description                     Q Ports

*   1      Active                                    U Te 0/1-2

    600    Inactive                                  T Te 0/0

    602    Active                                    T Te 0/0

                                                     U Te 0/12

    604    Active                                    T Te 0/0

                                                     U Te 0/36-47

    606    Inactive                                  T Te 0/0

    608    Inactive                                  T Te 0/0

    610    Inactive                                  T Te 0/0

    700    Inactive                                  T Te 0/0

    800    Inactive                                  T Te 0/0

    1000   Inactive                                  T Te 0/0

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New Member

Trunking Cisco Nexus 3048 with a Force10 S4810

ok... turns out I had the cable plugged into the wrong port on the S4810. FYI... Cisco Nexus is numbered top to bottom. Force10 S4810 is numbered bottom to top.