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Trunking VLANS between 3845, Force10 S4810 and DTI 1936

The DTI 1936 is an ATCA switch blade in an Emerson chassis.  See the link below for more information...

The 1936 and S4810 are operating solely as L2 devices, with the 1936 connecting to the 4810 on a 10G port.  The attached configs have at least the 136 VLAN config'd which is my main infrastructure network.  All my storage and virtual hosts are on this network. 

As the network is set right now, I can ping any IP in the network managed by the S4810 and 1936.  I cannot hit on the router sub-interface and, though the port channel appears to up be up / up, nothing goes across.

You may notice that Te 0/17 and 0/18 on the Force 10 are untagged (switchport mode access).  This is what is allowing me to ping around, but it's not consistent.  For example, I can ping from my vCenter to all of my hosts and storage, but cannot ping anything from the switches and router.

Also, VLAN 136 on the router is down, but it's up on the switches.  I thought I had an easy thing going, just trunking some vlans up to a local router so I could do a bit of 1:1 NAT and VLAN management.  Not so much.  Little help?

Recap on the network:

Router <-- trunk -- S4810 <-- trunk -- DTI1936



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Re: Trunking VLANS between 3845, Force10 S4810 and DTI 1936

For test have you tried using a single link instead of a portchannel to see if you can ping the router?

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