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Tunneling issue

Hey, I have an issue that I need your assistance. We have a router that is doing tunneling for both voice and data traffic. After a prot went bad we changed the configuration, to another port. Afterwards we had problems and found that the voice is only going down the data tunnel to several remote sites. Here is a copy of a sample configuration of two routers. Thanks


Re: Tunneling issue


Post the relevant configuration related to your tunnel interface from both the devices..


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Re: Tunneling issue

That maybe that is the issue. All our communication is going down that one router 2. We have tunnels built on router2 while router1 is our communication out the rest of the organization. These routers use only RIPV2 so it is very flat. My questions is how does it really work considering all traffic is going thru the so called VPN router. While tunneling data and voice thru one interface(F1/13)

Re: Tunneling issue


Forgive me, but I am struggling to understand how your routing is supposed to work. For example, looking at:

ip route Tunnel30004

ip route Tunnel40004 101

Here you have two routes, on with an AD=1 that routes via Tunnel30004, and another with an AD=101 that routes that subnet via Tunnel40004. As long as Tunnel30004 is up, that one will win.

I am wondering whether there is some misunderstanding about the ip route command. Is the 101 supposed to refer to the access-list 101 or something like that?

Sorry, but I don't understand.

Kevin Dorrell


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Re: Tunneling issue

Good afternoon Sir. I just reviewed your message you sent me. I believe your explaination even tho your confused is corrrect. My question now is do you have a better way to correct this issue, as this is causing my establishment a lot of different problem please advise.

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Re: Tunneling issue


I had one last favor to ask, could you be so kind as to review the configuration that I had already provided. If you noticed there are two configuration there one for router 1, and the other for router 2. I'll await your responds thanks and God bless.



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