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Turbo ACLs missing in C2800 12.4(21)?

Looks like yet another example of mysteriously disappearing features... We have a couple of 28x1's, we have recently upgraded IOS from 12.4(3d) to 12.4(21) on some of them due to a couple of issues, and suddenly I can see:

rtr-site1#show access-lists compiled

Compiled ACLs unavailable

- and the router stopped recognizing the "access-list compiled" directive.

Now when I look at IOS reference, I see that it lists Turbo ACLs as "available on Cisco 7200, 7500 and 12000".

I tried different 12.4(21) feature sets, but still not available - while working fine on 12.4(3d).

Is there a reasonable explanation for this other than a marketing move - the likes of "iPhone VPN is only supported on Cisco PIX and ASA"?

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Re: Turbo ACLs missing in C2800 12.4(21)?

Yup, it was deactivated in the later releases. Wasn't supposted to be there; unsupported. It might not function correctly. (As told by TAC.)


Seemed to work alright in the releases it was active in (up through 12.4[12]?), but it does seem likely a marketing decision. Makes the low end ISRs too feature like the higher end models.

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Re: Turbo ACLs missing in C2800 12.4(21)?

- so that you're even more likely to consider buying a higher spec router when yours is starting to struggle with matching... Oh well.



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Re: Turbo ACLs missing in C2800 12.4(21)?

Perhaps, but you can still carefully sequence ACL entries (based on the hit frequencies, and if sequence logic permits). You can also activate flow cache, which I believe no longer requires a separate feature license. Either or both can help mitigate the lost of the ACL compiled feature.

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