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TwinGig Converter on 6509


I have two 6509s, one of them has the 10G module and the other one is NOT supported 10G. the requiremnet to have at least one uplink between both core switches, I've checked Cisco site but couldn't find any TwinGig converter for 6500 series, so what to do in such case !!




Re: TwinGig Converter on 6509

CVR-X2-SFP is not supported on CAT6K.

You have to upgrade the switch to support 10gig port or use a gig port available on your 10 gig switch. What kind of sup is on that 10 gig switch? Some Sup has gig interface on it.

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Re: TwinGig Converter on 6509


Upgrade the existing 6509 is not a visible solution for me. the 10 gig SUP is VS-S720-10G-3C and the other one is WS-SUP720-3B.

my concern to connect both cores over 10 Gig uplink !! but seems with the existing items its not possible.

in this case there is no meaning for the 10 gig ports on the Sup. on other hand I can't utilize these 10 gig ports to connect to the gig interface on other sw because there are no 10 gig converter for 6500 series.

any comments...


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Re: TwinGig Converter on 6509

Not sure what you are looking for here.

Kevin has alrady made it clear there is no convertor so you either need to purchase a 10Gbps module for the WS-SUP720-3B 6500 or if you have the ports available use multiple gigabit ports for an etherchanneled uplink between the 2 switches.

But if only side has 10Gbps ports then as Kevin has made very clear you cannot use these ports to uplink to the other 6500.

"in this case there is no meaning for the 10 gig ports on the Sup" - well not at the moment no. Either this supervisor was bought with future use in mind or someone just plain got it wrong and made an asummption they could be used as gig ports when they couldn't.


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