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Two 3560 switches redundancy

Hi All,

I have two 3560 switches at one of my location and I want to make redundancy, which is the best way
Is it with Stack or HSRP?

If best way with stack, can someone please guide me what needs to be take care and how to configure step by step

As well if with HSRP.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks & Regards,

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Re: Two 3560 switches redundancy

Hi Naidu,

3560s are not stackable

You can use HSRP or VRRP.  It is a method of router redundancy.

Please refer to this config guide on how to configure HSRP.



Re: Two 3560 switches redundancy


The Best method is to go with HSRP or VRRP as already suggested by Reza, I will suggests you to configure HSRP as it is cisco Properiatery and you can have advantage of tracking interface with HSRP.

Hope that help



Re: Two 3560 switches redundancy

Hi Naidu

As Reza rightly pointed out, you cannot stack 3560 switches doesnt support ciscos stackwise technology that 3750's support ! You need to do the following to maintain redundancy on the 3560 switches:

1) Use etherchannels to between the switches, and bundle more than one gig ports (to increase capacity and redundancy)...

2) Configure L2 trunk on the etherchannel connectivity between switches, to span the vlans between the 3560 switches

3) Configure Layer 3 SVIs for the VLANs between the switches, and have HSRP/VRRP configured between the L3 SVI's.. eg.. VLAN 100 on switch 1 - , VLAN 100 on switch 2 - , HSRP VIP - configure pre-empt etc on hsrp..

4) Configure the edge switches (if any) with L2 trunks to these 3560 switches

5) Configure the default gateways for the VLANs (say VLAN 100 taken before) to the HSRP VIP between the switches (

Standardize your configurations on switches, and use best practice Layer 2/Layer 3 parameters to have best results.. for eg, you can enable bpdu guard, portfast, root guard, RSTP etc on these switches for reliable use of resources..

Hope this helps.. .all the best..



Re: Two 3560 switches redundancy

HSRP is good, but will only ever use one switch at a time unless you set-up 2 groups.  HSRP is typically used for fail over set-up.  As indicated already, setting up etherchannels is a great practice since this will bind the 2 together.  Another resource to look at is GLBP, Gateway Load Balancing Protocol.  This will allow both switches to be used and share the load.

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Re: Two 3560 switches redundancy


Just for your info - the 3560 switches do not support GLBP. You could i guess use MHSRP but i'm not a big fan of it myself.



Re: Two 3560 switches redundancy

Hey Jon...been a long time!

I was not aware of that.  Although, I was just introduced to it and only looked it up on the 4948's.  I just assumed it was available on all L3 switches with an IOS upgrade.

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Re: Two 3560 switches redundancy

Hi Rick

Yep, it's been a while. Hope your well, how are you finding the new site

Again, just for info have a look at Table 1 in this doc -


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