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Two query for IPV6

Dear all,

I am having two query for IPV6

1- We have received an ipv6 pool from APNIC of /32.We are trying to make the subnets of this ip pools but have some confusion

As in ipv4 for a subnet of 4 ips a /30 ip pool is required that we can make by just vary the last two bits of the fourth octet .

Can we do the same in ipv6?

If yes then a /126 ip pool should be formed for 4 ips. But according to the frame format of IPv6, first 64 bits from the right are reserved for Interface id that we cant vary for subnetting.

So my query is that for a pool of 4 ips subnet should be a /126 or /62 in ipv6.

2- Is there any Global DNS server for IPV6 name resolution and any website based on IPV6 address ?

For any clarification pl. let me know

Thanks in advance


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Re: Two query for IPV6

Hello Mahesh,

you can use a /126 if you like but of course that subnet will not be compliant to EUI-64 standard.

If you choice to use the EUI-64 standard a /64 subnet is more the enough to accomodate four hosts ! they can be up to 2^64-1.

With a /32 block you can have 2^32-1 /64 subnets so it is safe to say you can use a /64 even for only four hosts.

for the second question look at:

Hope to help


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