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Two Router LAN - wrong IP


I currently have a wired router (Cisco RV042), a wireless router (Cisco WRT110), and a switch for my network.  I have the RV042 on a subnet, and that is where my server and other local resources are.  I wanted to add wireless for guests, but do not want the guests to have access to local resources, so I plugged the wireless router into RV042 and configured it for a subnet.  I can get internet access, but when I connect with a laptop to the wireless router, I end up being assigned an IP in the 5.1 subnet.  I set up the VLAN setting in the RV042 for the correct port, but for some reason I am still being assigned the wrong IP, and I can hit local resources on the wireless. 

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you in advance.



Re: Two Router LAN - wrong IP

First I don't know how your IP address assignment is configured. I would think if you assign a different vlan on the RV042 router for the WRT110 and have it on that vlan. Each vlan should have a different scope IP address and then use access list to deny that traffic access to the internal network.

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