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Unable to authenticate with webmail

My client is using Novel GroupWise Webmail. We get to the webpage but unable to authenticate.

His Novel Authentication Server has a Ip that is static to the inside.

The Web access server only has a public IP with an access list that allows any.

The only changes that happened recently was physically moving servers around.

My question is, How can I prove that the ASA is not blocking authentication from the Webserver to the Novel Authentication server.

I tried to resolve from the Webserver to the novel server on port 1677.

ex. telnet x.x.x.x 16677

and it is not resolving? any ideas???

attached is the config.

Here are the ip's:

novel server -

webaccess server - 208.x.x.163



Re: Unable to authenticate with webmail

The ASA 5500 series adaptive security appliance supports the CSC SSM, which runs content security and control software. The CSC SSM provides protection against viruses, spyware, spam, and other unwanted traffic. It accomplishes this by scanning the FTP, HTTP, POP3, and SMTP traffic.

For the further details follow the URL :

Re: Unable to authenticate with webmail

try adding:

access-list Outside_Interface_access_in_V1 extended permit tcp host host eq 16677 (or whatever your port was)

It doesn't appear that you permit anything but SMTP in to the novel box. This would allow your outside webaccess server to permit tcp traffic to port 16677 of the inside novel server via the firewall translation.

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