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Unable to get data to route between two sites using 1700 Routers

Hi all,

Can someone please help us with a problem we are having setting up a couple of Cisco 1700 Routers? We are currently trying to set these routers up to link two sites together, one is sitting in our main office (IP and the other is in a remote office (IP, there is an X21 connection between the two routers using encapsulated PPP.

Using the configurations shown below the two routers seem to be talking ok and can ping each other, also the router at site A can ping a laptop at site B (which has an IP of, however machines on both site A and B cannot talk to each other. Also interestingly, if we put laptop on site A's network with a 10.54.9 address (.9's should only be site B) it can ping the site B router fine, but again not any PC's on that side of the network. PC's on both sides of the network can ping their own routers and traceroute to them when using their respective correct IP's.

We have attempted from site A running a tracert from the laptop on site A to the router at site B (laptop's IP set to, routers at site B's IP is, the tracert reaches the router at site A ( and then sits there and will not hop to the router at B.

I have attached a copy of our configs (config_and_routes.txt), unfortunately we are newbie's when it comes to working at Cisco kit, so we may be missing something very simple, thanks for any help offered.


Re: Unable to get data to route between two sites using 1700 Rou

Hi ,

You have configured ***ip route Serial0*** on router B , which has destination address of router B's fast ethernet.

Remove it from router B and check it once again.



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