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Unable to pass vlan traffic between cisco 500 g express switch and ws-c3560x-24 version 12.5(55) SE


Hello Expert,


I have a cisco 500 g express switch that is configure with a around 12 vlan . Vtp is configured on the switch (transparent mode) and I have 12 vlan configured manually. I have a few 2960 and 2950g switches on the network using vtp configure as server mode.

The 2950 g  and 2960 switches are all able to talk to the 500g express thru the respective vlans,  all the relevant vlan information configured on the

500 g express transfer to the 2950 and 2960 switches ever thing is working smoothly.


  Recently I introduced a c3560x-24 layer 3 switch and by default it is shown vtp v2 mode enable, vtp mode control server.

The problem is no traffic is been forward between the cisco 500g and c3560x-24 switch, also I notice no information relating to the 12 vlan configured

on the cisco 500 g is populating the cisco 3560x-24 switch.

I will be grateful if someone could problem a solution to this issue.


Thank you

Community Member

If your  trunk configuration

If your  trunk configuration will be correct, I think there may be various causes but the first things that come to my mind are: 


1- check VTP domain on your newly introduced switch. it might has not synchronized yet with other vtp server. 

2- If your VTP doamin has password, it must be set in your new switch



Community Member

Hello Larijani,The two switch

Hello Larijani,

The two switches were in place for approx. one week, hence they should have sync by now.

We do not have a vtp domain password .



Community Member

Hello Expert, I must add to

Hello Expert,


I must add to the initial post that when we use cisco network assistant tool the c3560x-24 layer 3 switch is shown up as an unsupported device.




Community Member

Hello Expert,I found the

Hello Expert,

I found the error the port on cisco 500g that the c3560x-24 layer 3 switch was connected

was not functioning proper, I decided use a different port on cisco 500 g switch all both device are exchanging vlan traffic.

So all is working okay



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