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New Member

Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop


I'm trying to tftp from a cisco 2960G switch to a laptop.

The laptop has everything disabled that may cause any problems.

I can "copy running-config tftp" and this works fine and I can get the running conf off the laptop "Great"

But an error comes back saying "error opening tftp://10.x.x.x/c2960.bin (Timed out)

The command is "copy flash:2960.-lanbase-mz.122.35.se5/c2960.bin tftp://10.x.x.x/c2960.bin"

Baud rate is set as 9600.

From the laptop there is an rj45 cable connected to g0/1 which is all in vlan 1.

This is just testing on a switch to upgrade the ios to a new version on production.

The switch can ping the laptop and the same goes for the laptop is able to ping the switch.

thanks again


Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop


The communication from the router to the TFTP is fine because you can copy the running-config.

If you save the IOS to the TFTP server does it work?  copy flash tftp

Then, yo upload the new IOS, you do:  copy tftp flash


Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop

Hi there,

What TFTP application are you using? I have seen issues before with certain applications not being able to handle file sizes of over 16MB or 32MB.

I tend to favour one called tftpd32, this does not take exception to large file sizes...

Many thanks


New Member

Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop

Hello johnathan,

I tried to use tftpd32 but nothing seems to happen and an error happens saying that there was a problem with it timing out.

the switch image is about 9mb.

If I deleted the image and carried out an xmodem transfer this would take about an hour or so to copy a new IOS image up.

There must be a quick way of carrying this out.

Thanks again.

New Member

Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop

took the plunge and erased the flash and reloading a new which should

take over 2 hours with xmodem.

I have never got this down under 2 hours to restore images yet even though the baud rate has changed from 9600 to 115200

There must be another way to carry this out quicker.

Thanks again

New Member

Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop

Thanks for the post.

If I carry out copy flash: tftp:

everything seems to work but a message comes back saying that it's timing out and this maybe the baud rate using hyper terminal or putty which is set to 9600.

Also get another error saying that error opening tftp://x.x.x.x/c2960.bin  (Timed Out)

Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop


Could be the TFTP capacity to handle big files like mentioned above.

Also, are you doing this transfer local or remotely?  Try having the PC directly connected to the switch (also verify the .bin file is the right directoy in the TFTP server).


New Member

Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop

The switch is just next to the test laptop.

The g0/1 port is in vlan 1 and each device can ping each other.

The g0/1 is a gigabit port but the console connection is set at 9600.

even though the laptop is setup as a tftp server the problem still happens.

Funny as this is a basic question I was asked when i passed my ccna but in the field I have never had to use this until now.

Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop


It appears you may have some sort of software firewall, or security blocking the TFTP request from the switch. I would recommend disabling any firewall your TFTP server has running temporarily to eliminate that as an issue. If that does work you will need to make an exception for the TFTP server to accept connections from the outside to your TFTP server software.



Re: Unable to TFTP ios image to a laptop

The problem may also be that you are running into a security aspect of tftp, namely that the file on the target system must exist.

The open-message makes me suspect this could be your problem.

You can probably set the app to create new files when none exists but the easiest way is to create the file manually.

It doesn't need to be exactly the same file, only filename must be there. A zero-length file should be fine.

Please make sure to do this in the proper directory because it won't be of much help otherwise.



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