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understanding multiple vtp server

I have 5 core 6513 catalyst switch, each of those are configured VTP server for the same domain. As far as I know VTP server advertise vtp packet with configuration revision number? Clients look at the vlan that VTP server advertise and configured the port accodingly if necessary. I am little confused VTP server synchronize their revision number with each other so that clients will always have latest VTP information.

Please Keep in mind that I have same number of VLAN configured in each core Switches. I saw one of the configuration line is Set vtp mode server mst ???

Please let me know any ways out from this confusion.

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Re: understanding multiple vtp server

VTP Server mode allows you to create or modify vlans. So if all of your 6513 switches are VTP servers in the same domain, then you can create VLANs on all of these switches.


If switch1 creates a new vlan or modifies the name of the vlan or whatever, the revision number is incremented and this multicast update aka (Subset Advertisement) is sent to all switches in the VTP domain. All of these switches adjust their revision number.

Also, if no changes are made, each VTP server sends out a multicast update (Summary Advertisement) to all switches in VTP domain every 300 seconds.

On the other hand, if the switch is a VTP client then it cannot create vlans or modify them, it just registers them in its vlan database.

VTP server is used more for a central point of vlan administration and security. But to optimize performance, by decreasing the amount of VTP Servers, you will have less Summary and Subset advertisements.

For security and to minimize mistakes, its best to set a VTP password!

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Re: understanding multiple vtp server


Thanks for the information,Now...When will the VTP client swicth send an advertisement request to server and how the server will reply for it


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