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update issue on broadcast media

hi i have 3 routers connected to a switch n only vlan 1 is to used. RA , RB , RC are 3 routers. i m running rip ( u can take igrp, eigrp but not ospf or isis) RA have 2 networks i.e and my task is that i want RA to only advertise network to RB and to RC only means RB will not get and RC will not get . all configuration is to be done on RA only. the only configuration u can do on RB n RC is to use the neighbour command under config-router mode. apart from that no other configuration is allowed on RB n RC. can any1 help me with it ?? is this task possible plz tell me

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Re: update issue on broadcast media

You should be able to do this with distrbute list. Here is a link that describes this.

Hope this helps. Please rate if it does.

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Re: update issue on broadcast media

thanks for the response but i have already tried it, u see i want to filter updates for a SPECIFIC neighbour on a medium where other routers are also getting the updates, how can i prevent it ??? how can i do it ???

Re: update issue on broadcast media

config on RA will look like this to achieve what you want.

access-list 10 permit

access-list 20 permit

router eigrp 1


network 20.0.0..0

distribute-list 10 out s0/0

distribute-list 20 out s0/1

no auto-summary

assuming RA S0/0 is connected to RB and RA S0/1 is connected to RC

rate if it helps or let us know if you have any questions.


Re: update issue on broadcast media

This sounds like one of those trick questions they like to put on the ccie practice labs.

Your issue is that rip is sent by broadcast and the other routers can see and use all the routes.

They gave you the big clue in that you can configure rip neighbors. If you use the neighbor statement it send the updates to the neighbor by unicast.

This still does not prevent it from also sending broadcast. You must set the interface to passive to do that.

Now you can use distribution list to control what you send to each of the neighbors.

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Re: update issue on broadcast media

thnks for the reply but i have tried it see, in RA config-router mode i mentioned two neighbours

(config-router)# neigbour B (its ip)

(config-router)# neigbour C (its ip)

now in distribution list we normally use standard access list rite ? but i want to specify the destination also 1 network is for neighbour B n other is for neigbour C, how can i do tht can u tell me the exact distribution n access list plz

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