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Upgrade 3750 image in stack of G and E switches, best way to do this?

I have to upgrade several stacks of 3750 switches, the stacks are built with a mix of G and E models.

Reading through the documentation I see several articles describing the upgrade for a stack, but they all describe upgrading stacks consisting of the same type of switch, not a mix as I have.

I need to upgrade from 12.2.35 ipbase to 12.2.53 ipbaseK9. I tried this today on one stack and ended up with one of the switches attempting to run an incompatibale image, so it wont boot up.

I have had a look at several threads here on Netpro, and now think that I cannot use the archive commands, that I have to manually load each switch in turn is that correct?

I'm thinking of using a TFTP copy to download a copy of both E and G code onto one switch (The master??) then manually copying the correct image onto the appropriate switch in the stack, finally deleting the incorrect code on the master switch. However this does seem a long way of doing this, is there a quicker way?

I had also thought of breaking apart the stacks, making stacks of the same type, using the acrchive command to do the upgrade then rebuild the stack, not sure if that would be any quicker.

Its a new build project, so i'm not too concerned about loss of any existing configuration. I just want to get this done without killing anymore switches!


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Re: Upgrade 3750 image in stack of G and E switches, best way to

There appears to be some prework that you need to do in oder to use that 2.53 code especially in a stack.

I just read this at this web site: http://

Stacking considerations:

If the director is in a switch stack and a master switchover occurs when a non-Smart Install client switch is being upgraded, the client switch upgrade is not completed.

If the client switch is a stack and not all members are up and operational, downloading of new images to the stack members fails.

Upgrading a stack requires configuring a custom group matching the stack group.

When a stack is upgraded, you should restart all stack members at the same time.

When a stack is deliberately partitioned, the new stacks should have the required configuration for upgrades, that is, the stack group members must be configured correctly,

For Catalyst 3750-E and 3650-E client switches, install the appropriate license files before upgrading the image. Smart Install does not apply to image licensing.

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