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Upgrading 3750's

hi, we have a load of 3750's that we need to upgrade the ios on,

using the archive command,

am i right in thinking i can use the following command, and remove the reload option, and the switch will continue to work fine with old software until it's rebooted???

archive download-sw /force-reload /overwrite tftp://

thus not causing any downtime to the department.


Re: Upgrading 3750's


you have the option of uploading only the .bin ios file instead of the whole bunch of html files.

that can be done with /imageonly option but with /overwrite you will be overwriting the existing ios in the flash.

i would suggest to use that option unless you dont have space in your flash.

do upload the image only option and keep the old ios intact.

may be during off peak hours do change the boot sequence and reload the switch with the new ios.

by doing so you have the current ios in your switch and in case of any probs with the new imane you can always fall back on that .


Community Member

Re: Upgrading 3750's

cheers for the info,

ah right, so if i use the /imageonly should i then download the bin fil or can i use the TAR and the /imageonly then extracts the bin from that,

i could do it this way and leave existing software as i should have enough room, as i dont have enough for put the whole TAR on there.

Re: Upgrading 3750's


try this ...

Switch# archive download-sw /imageonly tftp://


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