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Upgrading 6509...what features?


I'm throwing a new upgrade on my 6509 w/ dual Sup720s. i think i've nailed down the version that will support my cards i'm just trying to figure out what features to go for..

can someone explain the (Modular) train?

And my main question...


Is there a reason to use one over the other? I'm currently using RPR+

Thanks for any advice you can give :)


Re: Upgrading 6509...what features?

Modular IOS was an idea to build separate software modules so for instance, if an upgrade is needed for something related to CDP, instead of having to upgrade the whole IOS you could just "patch" the CDP portion which actually prevents a reload on the whole box. This has not advanced that much so you can stick with the normal IOS.

SSO is the prefered supervisor redundancy method mainly due to its speed when doing a sup switchover, it takes less than 3 seconds and the standby supervisor is ready (full MAC tables and configurations). the problem is with the routing protocols (and some other layer3 features) because upon a switchover, the protocols must re-converge and that usually takes a little longer. Here is when NSF comes into play, if it is being used, a routing protocol like OSPF can converge a lot faster if you are using NSF-capable devices.

SRM/SSO is just the regular stateful switchover mode and in my opinion it's a lot better than RPR+ and I'm talking about "speed" because at the end is what we want from a supervisor redundancy protocol


Re: Upgrading 6509...what features?

I forgot, take a look at this page so you can have an idea in what features come with each IOS feature set:

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Re: Upgrading 6509...what features?

Wow! what a great link! Thanks that makes things much easier to understand. i always wondered about the relationship between advanced ip and advanced enterprise.

yeah, i think SSO/NSF is the way to go for my EIGRP network.

Thanks again!

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