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Upgrading a 2960 poe switch

                   I need to do some routing on my 2960 poe switch. Since I am running

12.2(44) this is impossible. I downloaded the 12.2(58) I think? for this model. Features

list says it will do ip routing. Has anyone done this type of upgrade? Should I even

attempt it? Or maybe someone can give me some tips?



Upgrading a 2960 poe switch

  No reason you can't but there is a lot restrictions on a low end model like the 2960.  Read thru the following doc.

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Upgrading a 2960 poe switch


Yes, with 2960 IOS 12.2(55)SE and above the switch supports limited ( static and default) routing fintionality but no dynamic routing protocols. Here is something about the support as per Cisco.

This chapter describes how to configure IP Version 4 (IPv4) static IP unicast routing on the Catalyst 2960-S and 2960 switch. Static routing is supported only on switched virtual interfaces (SVIs) and not on physical interfaces.The switch does not support routing protocols.

Types of Routing

Routers and Layer 3 switches can route packets in these ways:

Using default routing to send traffic with a destination unknown to the router to a default outlet or destination

Using static routes to forward packets from predetermined ports through a single path into and out of a network

Dynamically calculating routes by using a routing protocol

The switch supports static routes and default routes, It does not support routing protocols.

Steps for Configuring Routing

By default, IP routing is disabled on the switch. For detailed IP routing configuration information, see the Cisco IOS IP Configuration Guide, Release 12.2 from the page under Documentation > Cisco IOS Software Releases > 12.2 Mainline > Configuration Guides.

In these procedures, the specified interface must be a switch virtual interface (SVI)—a VLAN interface created by using the interface vlan vlan_id global configuration command and by default a Layer 3 interface. All Layer 3 interfaces on which routing will occur must have IP addresses assigned to them. See the "Assigning IP Addresses to SVIs" section.

Note The switch supports 16 static routes (including user-configured routes and the default route) and any directly connected routes and default routes for the management interface. The switch can have an IP address assigned to each SVI. Before enabling routing, enter the sdm prefer lanbase-routing global configuration command and reload the switch.

Now, because the switch does not support any routing protocols, does that mean it is not a layer 3 switch?  It still supports static routing and default routes.  So, whether we call it a layer 2, layer 2,5 or even layer 3 switch or not.  The fact remains it supports limited static IP unicast routing.


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Umesh Shetty

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Upgrading a 2960 poe switch

I need to do some routing on my 2960 poe switch. Since I am running 12.2(44) this is impossible.

You need two things:

1.  First you need to upgrade your 2960 appliance to 12.2(55)SE2 and later.  Go with 12.2(55)SE8 because it is more stable.  DO NOT try to load 12.2(58)SE or later because this particular version is full of CPU and memory hog bugs.

2.  Once you've loaded and reloaded the appliance, you need to change the SDM template to "routing".

Be aware that when you enable "routing" on a 2960 it is only limited to 16 static routes.  You cannot do any routing protocol like RIP, OSPF, etc.

If you want to do dynamic routing then you need to think about getting the 2960XR, 3650, 3850 or even a router.

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