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upgrading flash

I upgraded the flash on a cisco 3560 switch a couple months ago using the archive download-sw command and did not overwrite the old flash. It's been running fine on the new flash since. We had a power outage yesterday and the switch ended up reloading and came up using the old flash. I tried using the boot system command to boot to the newer flash, but on reboot again it booted to the old flash. I then tried using the archive download-sw /overwrite /reload command and while it was performing the download a message read that the image already existed, but it was going to overwrite it anyway. It ended up bombing on me, the transfer must have got corrupted. It hung up, and I powered it off and back up and received traceback and stack errors. I had to boot to rommon mode and set the system to boot to the old flash. So now I think I have 1 corrupted flash, and need to replace that with the upgraded flash and make sure it always boots to that image.

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Re: upgrading flash

Setting the Default File System:

You can specify the file system or directory that the system uses as the default file system by using the cd filesystem: privileged EXEC command. You can set the default file system to omit the filesystem: argument from related commands. For example, for all privileged EXEC commands that have the optional filesystem: argument, the system uses the file system specified by the cd command.

By default, the default file system is flash:.

You can display the current default file system as specified by the cd command by using the pwd privileged EXEC command.


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