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Upgrading from NPE-300 to NPE-G1

I have attached a SHOW TECH and another file which has two crashinfo files - the second crash in Aug being the more important.

We believe that the NPE-300 is unable to support the full BGP routing table and hence is crashing often and hence I recommended the customer to go for a


I have two questions:

1. Is the NPE-G1 supported in 7204 or is it supported only in 7204VXR.

2. Is the upgrade to NPE-G1 pretty straight forward or are there any points I must remember. I wish to keep the I/O controller which is currently in the customer's system. I hope it is just a question of taking out the NPE-300 and putting in the NPE-G1. Or may be I have to move the cables from the I/O controller FE ports to the NPE-G1 Gigabit ports and according modify the config.

The following is a short extract from the attached crashinfo files.

Aug 6 17:12:22.069 AEST: %SYS-2-CHUNKBADMAGIC: Bad magic number in chunk header, chunk 0 data 69F8FD68 chunkmagic 55A3C78B chunk_freemagic 69749340

-Process= "BGP Scanner", ipl= 0, pid= 105

-Traceback= 60652410 607DF908 607DFF48 609B52E4 609B5360 6097E1A0 6097E470 6097EA1C

%Software-forced reload

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