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Upgrading the IOS for Csico3560 G swiych


can any one send me the procedure for upgrading the IOS for Cisco 3560G swicth.

When I tried with the following commnad it says Error reading file.File does not exit

(conf t)# copy flash tftp

Please sned me the procedure.

Thanks and regrads,



Re: Upgrading the IOS for Csico3560 G swiych

The command needs to be executed from the user level prompt and not from the privilege prompt



Re: Upgrading the IOS for Csico3560 G swiych

yes royalsblues is right you need to do it from the privilege mode.

You need to follow few basic status about your network and tftp.

TFTP ip address.

If you are able to ping to the tftp server from the switch.

port 69 tftp port should be open to tranfer the file.

command #show boot will show you if any boot configuration is done for the previous ios.

If there is no boot config on the switch then you will need to configure a with the new ios. if you del the old ios you will not need to configure it. chances are that the new ios might turned to be fauly and you will be in rommon mode 1% chance.

If there is a boot configured you will need to change it as per the new ios file. or remove it and del the old ios.

Switch#copy tftp: flash:

press enter you will be asked for the new ios name and tftp ip address.

you will upload the new ios.

sometime it will not get uploaded if there is no space available on the flash so you will need to del the old ios.

Also rem to check the flash and the dram on the switch before you upgrade.

hope this is helpful


Re: Upgrading the IOS for Csico3560 G swiych

Couple of things to make sure of.

1. Make sure you have enough memory for the IOS you are installing.

2. Make sure you can ping the TFTP server from the switch.

When you issue the command from the global commang prompt:

Router#> copy tftp flash

This will take the contents from TFTP and place it on the Flash drive.

It will prompt you that it will erase the current drive and then upload the new file.

Please rate if this helps!


*Remember the command reads, copy

same as access-list and static routes.

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