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Uplink Cisco 3020 access port VLAN 1 to Cisco 3750 access port VLAN 2

I have Cisco blade 3020 switch with all port in default native VLAN 1 (IP subnet . That VLAN 1 stretches accross multiple switches and ends up into a switch to wich desktops are connected.

I do not want change IP addresses of servers behind Cisco 3020 blade switch, but I want tag all the traffic coming out of Cisco 3020 switch access port VLAN 1 with VLAN 2 tag when it passes through upto switch to which desktops are connected. How idea is to keep the IP subnet of servers and desktops same but pass the traffic through VLAN trunk as tagged VLAN 2 traffc. VLAN 1 over the truck will be mapped to some other subnet.

In short

blade based VM host server (VLAN 1 - IP

Uplink blade access port VLAN 1 -> to Cisco 3740 multi layer switch access port VLAN 2 -> Trunk port from Cisco 3750 (allowed VLAN 1 & 2) uplinked to trunk port of Cisco 3650 switch (allowed VLAN 1, 2) - >  on that Cisco 3650  two VLAN 2 access ports connecting to desktops on IP address & 3. (Network Diagram attached)

With setup, I should be able to get connectivity between servers and desktops or do you see any issue and also should be able pass traffic for VLAN 1 over trunk ( VLAN 1 say be mapped to subnet    

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