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Urgent: NMD-16ESW + 2851 Router : secure mac address

I have a NMD-16ESW module installed on a 2851 Router . I was trying Mac-address table command on it.

I have two Vlans One for Voice and one for Data created on it.

Voice Vlan:1

Data Vlan : 10

I wanted to secure the interface so that no one can add other devices to the ports.

I secured the MAC address of the Voip phone and PC in Fa0/2 under vlan 1 and vlan 10.

Now my question is do i have to add the MAC address of the VOIP phone under Data vlan also.If yes WHY?

Seconldy wht will happen if I add a new PC to the fa0/2.Will that PC be able to communicate? Will that port go in error disabel state , shutting VOIP phone also.

Third . with which command I shd check the error logs.


Re: Urgent: NMD-16ESW + 2851 Router : secure mac address

First you make sure you are running 12.3(8)T IOS version. You are using EtherSwitch Modules so no problem you can implement as usual cisco IOS switch port security commands and same procedure.

For more info:

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