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User shaping by ip

If you can give me advice it'll be appreciated. I have 2911 router and need to shape 700 unique users each with static ip  and with its own bandwidth controlled by billing server through tcl scripting/ I know it's crazy idea doing this on 2911 but there will be only 80mbit channel at all. Only idea that I have to do this with 2911 router is to create access-list and class maps for each ip and add them in policy map to shape  like this

class-map match-all user1

      match access-group user1

policy-map QoS

      class user1

           shape average 1000000

But problem is policy map can hold only 255  class maps in it and you cant use more than 1 service policy on int. Then come up an idea to use subinterfaces with its own service policy. Each subint for 255 users. But now I don't know how to tag traffic from users(IPs) to different vlans becouse it all comes on 1 switchport. What ways do I have? Is it even possible?


User shaping by ip

This sounds complicated and very hard to maintain. Is there anything common between these 700 users like subnet? Do you know that these users will always have the same address? If not, you may block UserA today, but they'll be allowed through tomorrow because they have a different address. Do all 700 users come through the same interface? If so, you should just shape the class-default class and call it a day.


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