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Very Confusing Situation

Greetings all, I am by no means an expert in switching and routing, but I know my fair share.  I recently ran into an interesting situation in my lab.  I have a network with a single switch connected to a core switch, which is then connected to a router, then another router and another switch.  See the attached file...I may have lost 

So, in my network example attached, client 1, with an IP address of and a subnet mask of cannot ping  If I change the subnet mask to it can.  Ok, here is the rub...Client 2 and 4 have a subnet mask of and CAN ping  Clients 1 and 3 have to be set to  These are all on the same network, VLAN, switch, ect.  FOr the life of me I cannot see a difference in any of the switch or router configurations OR the clients themselves.

Any Ideas???

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Very Confusing Situation

Thts weired, can you do a traceroute from the clients to and post the outputs.


Very Confusing Situation

  Don't know unless the client mask or default gateways are incorrect on the  ones that do not work .  On the ones that do not work trace and see where it stops .  How is the routing setup?  Dynamic , static etc..  Check that these look ok and the masking in any statics are corrrect.


Very Confusing Situation

Are the clients running the same OS? Does the core switch do any routing?

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