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very loud sound coming out of cisco router 2911 in startup?

Hi buddies,

We've bought a Cisco 2911 router, but it was in the stock for one year and support of the device is expired. now when we power on the device the very loud sound coming out from the device and fans spin in maximum speed.

we changed the fan but nothing changed, also when we did show environment all the things were OK.

Is it a hardware problem? how can I sure what's the root cause of this problem?

Thanks in advanced.


Not sure about the 2911, but

Not sure about the 2911, but many of the smaller switches/routers have a multi-speed fan, that on startup is quite noisy; and calms down to a lesser speed within 2-3 minutes after full IOS initialization (when it determines fans don't have to run at full speed).

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Thanks for you reply,

Thanks for you reply,

But In our case when the router came up and even everything was OK the sound was very loud.

Is it because of hardware problem?

Is this the only 2911 or

Is this the only 2911 or similar router you have, to compare with?  It is possible the fan has gotten dirty or partly seized up; but the fact you replaced it with another that does the same thing is odd - unless that is "normal" for that router.

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