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VLAN between two Cisco switches

I have a cisco 3524 switch with one port configured to VLAN2. My main switch is a Catalyst 4000. I configured port 1 to vlan2 on the 3524 switch. I can't ping the device plugged into port 1. DO I need to enable trunks on both switches for it to work? If so how do I do that?

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Re: VLAN between two Cisco switches

I am confused as to what you have configure on each switc, so here is a solution that might help. If you have a port on 3524 configured to VLAN 2 and all the rest configured to another VLAN wyou will not be able to access that host without routing between the vlans. Also, if you have a port on th 4000 configure for VLAN2 and you are trying to talk to the host on the 3524 you will have to configure a trunk port between the 3524 and the 4000. Then the 2 hosts on VLAN2 ports will be able to talk just to each other. For those hosts to be able to talk to other hosts you will need to have routing between the VLANS. This can be done with a L3 swithc or you will need a router acting as a router on a stick.

This should help get you started on VLAN routing there also other links in here that will explain trunk ports.

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Re: VLAN between two Cisco switches

One other thing. If youa re trying to talk to vlan 2 from bothe switch you will need a trunk between the switches. This link explains both trunking and routing as needed.

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Re: VLAN between two Cisco switches

First where are your layer 3 interfaces configured and does your 3524 have a physical connection to that. If you have a physical connection to the router where your layer 3 interface (VLAN2) is configured then you don't need a trunk you just need to put your ports in access mode and make them members of VLAN2

switchport mode access

switchport mode access vlan 2

If you have multiple VLANs on this 3524 then you will need to configure a trunk to allow the different vlans.

The main point is that if you are communicating from between different VLANs then it must go back through your router. If the different VLANs are on the 3524 then yes you need a trunk.

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Re: VLAN between two Cisco switches

I believe that on the 3524 you need to edit the vlan database from enable mode.

Its been a while since I configured a 3524.


Re: VLAN between two Cisco switches

Hi Chris,

Let us know " Show module " from catlsyt 4000. We want to see what routing engine you have in the switch. Cisco 3524 and Cat4000 both are layer 2 switches unless you are using a routing blade in Cat4000. If routing module is there then you will be able to achieve the routing between the 2 vlans otherwise you might have to use another device to do the routing between teh vlans.


-amit singh

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