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VLAN Bridging Across T1 2600's

I have read some docs on this but dont really see how to do it yet. I have three sites, A, B, & C. A has a 2620 with 2 T1 WICs connecting to B & C. B & C each have a WIC connecting to A. On the ethernet side there are 3550's. At each site there are multiple VLANs that are setup. What I am wanting to do is pass the VLAN information across the routers so that the sites all think that they are within the same physical network. But I need to go a step further and have access to all the vlans at each site because some of my lans can talk, software limitation.

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Re: VLAN Bridging Across T1 2600's

Tough setup that will require a lot of downtime I would say. Click on that link and follow the directions exactly. This will require you to create irb interfaces and bridge groups on each router.

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