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Vlan config

Hi, I'm trying my first VLAN configuration.

I have seven CISCO 321 WAP connected to two Cisco SLM2024 switch.

These switchs are connected to one another, and one of them is connected to a router, DrayTek Vigor 2925.

DHCP is managed by a Windows Server 2008.

The CISCO 321 have  wireless connection configured,it works correctly and user get an IP from the DCHP server are able to browse the network and internet.

I would like to configure a second wireless connection (for guest) using a diferent VLAN ID.


I've setup the Draytek to give out ip's depending on the VLAN, but I'm not sure how to configure the SLM2024 for this.


The CISCO321 seems easy enought, just create a wireless network and give it a diferent VLN ID.


Any suggestions would be great.




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The SLM2024 isn't much

The SLM2024 isn't much different.

All you should need to to is go to the switch's web management interface and into the VLAN configuration. From there, create the guest VLAN, change the interfaces connected to the WAP321 APs (and the one connected to the Draytek router) to "general" mode and add the new guest VLAN as tagged to each one.

The switch will continue to pass traffic on the native VLAN as before, but will allow the guest VLAN to communicate between the WAP321 APs and the Draytek router as long as all of them are tagging correctly.

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