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vlan config

Dear Sir,

I have one question regarding the VLAN and trunk configuration.

currently, we have 7301 router with three interfaces. they are

GE 0/0 (VLan 1, vlan 2, vlan 3)

GE 0/1 (vlan 11, vlan 12, vlan 13)

for the GE 0/1, there is NO vlan 1 configuration. we are not tend to create vlan 1 for it.

question 1:

any problem will be happen if there is no vlan 1 configuration in router but switch has for GE 0/1 interface?

question 2:

does the trunk of GE 0/1 work porperly?

question 3:

if we connect both GE 0/0 and GE 0/1 to the same switch (e.g. 2960G), can we config two trunks? (one for GE 0/0, other for GE0/1, they will swicth the packets to the right trunk)

question 4:

can we enable the spanning tree for each trunk?

question 5:

if there is not a good design, what is the better one?

We look forward to hearing from you



Re: vlan config

Q1 : no problem

Q2 : YES

Q3 : It will route packet to the good network

Q4 : STP will be enable on the switch. The router will not participate in spanning tree.

Q5 : With a 7301 and a 2960, this it's functional

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Re: vlan config

thanks a lot

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