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VLAN configuration

Hi can you please help me.

i have 3550 L3 and 2 2950 switch and 1 2960 switch.

3550 -

2950 -

2950 -

2960 - 154.117.183.xx (10 users)

can i use VTP to connect 3 switches to my 3550 ethernet ports? My g0/1 and 0/2 will use for my 2 servers using fiber optic connection.

server 1

server 2

how can i do the vlan configuration specially for 2960 because my boss want me to separate the traffic from this 2960 with 10 users? do i need to use different subnet like 154.117.183.xx?

thank you very much for the help.

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Re: VLAN configuration should not have posted your public ip address on any forum.I fyou can edit your original post and hide public addresses, please do it for security reasons.

can i use VTP to connect 3 switches to my 3550 ethernet ports?


VTP is used to minimize vlan configuration on each switch. It depends on how many VLANs you have, but with just 3 switches, rather configure VLAns manually and use either dot1q or isl for trunking.

Yes you need to use diffirent subnet if you want to separate the traffic on each servers unless you want to use private vlan.

Have a look at, there are many resources for basic vlan and trunking configuration.

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Re: VLAN configuration

Suggest to have three VLANs configured for segement such as

1. Server

2. 10 Users Clients

3. Switch management

Let 3550 as VTP server and others as VTP Client.

Create SVI on L3 switch, this will do the intervlan routing. Create truck from each swtich to other aloowing these vlans (By default all vlans allowed).

For each VLAN , XXX.117.182.XXX/24 can be subneted or can have different /24 network for each segment.

Hope this will help,

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