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VLAN Domain question

we have a numbers of swtich and want to set with same vlan domain. Question is some model of C2924-XL vlans number maximum VLANs supported locally : 68,

while other 3524 switch have maximux vlans 254.

I worry when I form the vlan domain that will crash the 2924 vlan database.

Please comment.


Re: VLAN Domain question

Catalyst 3500 series XL and most Catalyst 2900 series XL switches support a total of 250 VLANs and 64 spanning-tree instances. The Catalyst 2912 XL, 2924 XL, and 2924C XL switches support a total of 64 VLANs and 64 spanning-tree instances. Regardless of the switch model, only 64 spanning-tree instances are supported.

i believe if you exceed the 64 vlan, the vlan database will not get updated and the switch will just give you errors but will not crash the switch.

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Re: VLAN Domain question

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Re: VLAN Domain question

any soultion about the limitation, I'm doing as a small ISP that must over 64 VLAN. Can use other network design to achieve.

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Re: VLAN Domain question


It may not good interuption.

I would suggest you to go head with MSTP.



Re: VLAN Domain question

i say dont take any shortcuts and do something properly now and you dont have to change anthing in the future. i suggest you go for at least the 2960's. we uses the 2960 switches for this type of setup. you get Up to 255 VLANs per switch and up to 128 spanning-tree instances per switch are supported.

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