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vlan implementation

what is the best practice approach to vlan implmentation for new network being installed parallel to existing. (new ip addresses throughout network, 45 IDF closets with new hardware, new fiber installed, redundant core switches -- all running parallel to existing network)

my proposed cutover in order:

-new cores installed w/ vlans created

-new edge switches installed in even/odd vlan assignments (even points to core1; odd points to core2)

migrate switches to mgmt vlan - turn down vlan 1

move printers (static)to new vlan

move dhcp users to config'd vlan

move servers to config'd vlan

move "other" static devices to vlan

is this the BEST plan? any other ideas based on "lessons learned" and "best practice" as to WHAT order vlan cutover should occur?

thoughts/suggestions appreciated

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Re: vlan implementation

Hi, Is that totally a new network or Migration. Also make sure what type of VTP you have plannes Server/Client or Transpatent. how many Vlans you have planned. It will be very helpful if you could do a detailed case study before implementation (Network Diagram, IP Address, etc)



New Member

Re: vlan implementation

thanks for your response. for sake of brevity, it is assumed that design, diagrams and case studies are complete.

this is a migration from existing address space to new address space in a production environment.

considering NOT using VTP and hardcoding all trunks / vlans to switches in network. (bad idea? for a migration?)

30+ vlans planned

vlan 1 is used primarily for all switches but anticipate to turn down when moving to mgmt vlan

again, looking for best-practice / lessons learned to determine BEST cutover schedule for this migration.

any thoughts / ideas?

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