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vlan IPs


i want to deloy a CORE switch 4507R Switch with VTP Domain TEST & VTP Mode Server.20 switchs belong to this VTP;THE Subnetwork its question regarding the vlan mangment ip of the access switchs:

on the access switch do i need to asign ip address for mangment vlan depending on the vlan it self where the switch it belong or shall i assign continus ip address for the mangment vlans

e.g:sw1(vlan 10-SVI-ip- vlan is:

sw2:(vlan 15-svi-ip- vlan is:

is this a good design for VLAN mangment ip or should be in the same subnet for the vlan:

e.g: sw2:(vlan 15-SVI-ip- vlan FOR THIS SWITCH should be like this is: in the same subnet which the switch belong



Re: vlan IPs


Its better to have a seprate subnet for u r management vlan.

If u want to manage u r switches from any subnet,just create a SVI on the switch which is doing intervlan routing and define that ip address on the access switches as the default gateway on them.



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Re: vlan IPs

Hi Jon

Hi Mahoumd

10xs for all ur replys!so the desing would be like this:

switch in vlan 10:

let say:ip mangment is:

on the CORE:

Int vlan 10

ip address


switch in vlan 20

let say:ip mangment is:

on the CORE:

Int vlan 20

ip address

is this correct design or u have another suggestion



Re: vlan IPs


No.You need to have a seprate subnet for u r management vlan.All u r switches should be having the address from the same subnet.

As jon suggested to create the SVI on u r 4507 for management vlan.The ip address which u use for this SVI will be the gateway for all ur switches.

You should have trunk links from all u r switches back to this switch.

orelse let us know ur design.



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Re: vlan IPs

Hi Ali

It depends. If you are creating your SVI's on the core 4507 switch and all your other switches are connecting with Layer 2 trunks then you would generally have a dedicated vlan for the management of your switches.

You say your network is Are you further subnetting this for your vlans ie.


If you are then choose one of these vlans for switch management. Create the SVI for that vlan on your 4507 switch(es). Assign eaqch switch an IP address out of that subnet and set the default gateway on each switch to be the SVI on your 4507 switch(es), or the HSRP address if you have 2 4500 switches.

Each switch will need a layer 2 trunk to the 4500.

If this is not how your connecting up your switches let me know.



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