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vlan limitation on switch port


There are certain servers/apps which support multiple ip's under single card interface  on the server appliance side.

In this case, is it feasible to configure a single switch port to support multiple ( eg. two vlans ) on the same switch port.

How can this be done, if possible & is there any downside in doing this?

Thanks in advance.


vlan limitation on switch port

You are going to want to configure a trunk, and or an etherchannel on the port going to the server.

This will allow multiple vlans to be a member of the port.

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vlan limitation on switch port


If the port is configured with trunk allowing only required vlans on the port, do we have any use of native vlan?

Is there any disadvantages in assigning single port to multiple vlans for server/appli communication.

vlan limitation on switch port

If it's a Cisco device, then the default native vlan is 1, so you can in theory use this vlan, but you would have to use a network that is associated with this vlan, but it's going to be untagged as well.

If you're doing server/appli, load balancing, which is what it sounds like, there can be depending on what your doing. But you should be good.

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