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Vlan on Cisco IOS on Cat 6509 - Urgent

I need to create a L2 vlan that should have multicast access. Please how do I go about doing this?

I do not want to interface vlan??? and have to configure an ip address as I do not want it to have a L? connectivity but use only multicast to send traffic between Vlans, is this possible?

DO I have to give it a L3 interface to enable multicast to work?

If I have to give it a L3 interface, do I have to give it an ip address or HSRP address for multicast to work as we have MSFCs?

Also, please what effect will igmp snooping have if I enable it just for this one VLAN as this is one of the requirements for this VLAN setup?


Re: Vlan on Cisco IOS on Cat 6509 - Urgent

If all you want to do is switch multicast traffic within a single VLAN, then there is not much to do (and no routing is required).

All you need to do is the following:

1) Create the VLAN on switch/es

vlan 200

name Multicast_VLAN

2) Turn on IGMP snooping. This will ensure that multicast packets are only switched to ports that have subscribed to the multicast group and not flooded to all ports configured on that VLAN.

ip igmp snooping vlan 200

However, if you want multicast between VLANs you need multicast routing and something like protocol independent multicast (PIM).

In this case you configuration would look something like the following (in addition to the configuration above):

ip routing

ip multicast-routing

interface loopback0

ip address

interface vlan 200

ip address

ip pim sparse-mode

interface vlan 300

ip address

ip pim sparse-mode

ip pim rp-address

For more information on configuring multicast routing see

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