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vlan port memberships

Hi all, I have seen on nortel then on a normal access port we can add the port to multiple vlans but it only has a VID of one of them, how does this work ? does that means if the server already tags the traffic it will allow it through the port and already be in the vlan, and if its untagged it will use the VID ? also are normal static ports known as untagged ports and only trunk ports are known as tagged ports ?

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Re: vlan port memberships

A dynamic (nontrunking) port on the switch can belong to only one VLAN, with a VLAN ID from 1 to 1005. When the link comes up, the switch does not forward traffic to or from this port until the VMPS provides the VLAN assignment. The VMPS receives the source MAC address from the first packet of a new host connected to the dynamic port and attempts to match the MAC address to a VLAN in the VMPS database.

If there is a match, the VMPS sends the VLAN number for that port. If the client switch was not previously configured, it uses the domain name from the first VTP packet it receives on its trunk port from the VMPS. If the client switch was previously configured, it includes its domain name in the query packet to the VMPS to obtain its VLAN number. The VMPS verifies that the domain name in the packet matches its own domain name before accepting the request and responds to the client with the assigned VLAN number for the client. If there is no match, the VMPS either denies the request or shuts down the port (depending on the VMPS secure mode setting).

Multiple hosts (MAC addresses) can be active on a dynamic port if they are all in the same VLAN; however, the VMPS shuts down a dynamic port if more than 20 hosts are active on the port.

If the link goes down on a dynamic port, the port returns to an isolated state and does not belong to a VLAN. Any hosts that come online through the port are checked again through the VQP with the VMPS before the port is assigned to a VLAN.

Following link gives more details on dynamic vlan port membership topic:

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