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vlan propogation

we have around 30 switches and 51 vlans configured in our lan. Recently we have added 1 vlan ( vlan 154 ) ( 3 months back ) and enabled a device on the switchA same was working. Now the device is out of the network.

we tried changing the ip adress of the device and have put the device in other vlan on the same switch switchA and it works.

Seems vlan propogation for vlan154 has stopped. on other switches the vlan is working fine and the problem is with the specific switch.

Kindly let me know whether any way to check whether vlan propogation through vtp is happening properly.


Re: vlan propogation


You can check weather u have the same revision number on ur switches.By this u can make out weather the VTP advertisements are working properly or not.It should be same on all the switches.



Re: vlan propogation

Hi Friend,

The best way to check VLAN propogation is to create a dummy vlan on the VTP server and check whether the same is being updated on the suspected switch.

If you see the new Vlan info on the switch then the issue may be due some misconfiguration. Check whether the particular vlan is allowed on the trunk link to the switch or whether it is being pruned.

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Re: vlan propogation

In addition to above, try deleting the vlan.dat file on the switch. Reboot the switch. Maybe the vlan database has become corrupted

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Re: vlan propogation


i doubt that vtp password might be set on the main switch(vlan server) & when the client switch which ur suspecting might have not got the same password as the server. to really ensure that the suspected switch is the probz, try adding a new switch without any password (vtp password) & see whether the propagation is happening to the newly added switch.

hope this helps.

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