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vlan routing

can someone pls help me to configure switches and router seen on the attached figure?

all computers in the figure must ping each other.

L3 switch is OSPF capable but no specific routing protocol is requested.

tx in advance for helping.


Re: vlan routing


U need to configure SVI's on ur multilayer switch.i.e

interface vlan 1

ip address

no shut

interface vlan 2

ip address of u r /27 range

no shut

the pc will have the gateway ip address which is configured on u r SVI's



Cisco Employee

Re: vlan routing


There are two ways to achieve this:

1. Using static routes: This is not a big topology and you can achieve the routing using static routes here. First configure the intervlan routing for the subnets connected to L3 switch. Do the following:

Conf t

int vlan 1

ip address 20.20.20.x /27

no sh

int vlan 2

ip address 20.20.20.x /26

no sh

ip route /26

On router set the static route for all the subnets with the proper next hop ip.

2. Using a routing protocol: You can acieve routing by using a dynamic routing protocol.If all the devices are Cisco devices you can use EIGRP/IGRP for the same other wise use RIP/OSPF. Do the same config on L3 and router and use the dynamic routing protocl to advertise the routes.

If your topology is small, you can use static routes otherwise its always advisable to use a routing protocol.


-amit singh

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Re: vlan routing

tx guys, I have configured VLANs

how about link between switch and router?

I should configure it as Layer 2 trunk port?

or layer 3 trunk port?

and I should create sub interface on router, each sub interface should be in the related vlan?

(all computers should ping each other)

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Re: vlan routing


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