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VLAN's on SLM2048

Hello everybody!

I have a Cisco SLM2048 and I need to create VLAN's. I have connected a Server with 10 clients to this switch and this switch is connected to a Cisco Catalyst 2960 that it provides Internet access (connection with port 48 of SML2048 using a crossover wire) Now, I need to connect 5 new clients and this clients must have Internet connection (like my 10 clients) but they cannot access to the Server and their share components: folders, printers... How can I do it?

I have no idea about VLAN's. I would like to create and configure them using the switch web access (not with console commands). I can't find a manual that explain it... Seeing the configuration, there is a VLAN defined, without name, with ID=1 and status=default. I suppose that I must create 2 new VLAN's and set what ports have this news VLAN's. For example:

- VLAN with Internet and Server access: Ports 1-32

- VLAN with only Internet access: Ports 33-47.

- Port 48: it's connected to a Cisco 2960 with a crossover wired.

So that, in VLAN Management section, must be created 3 VLAN's: ID 1 (default), ID 2 (static) and ID 3 (static). It's correct? In Port to VLAN section, I can select a VLAN that I created, if a port is tagged, untagged or excluded. But I don't know what do...

If something can help me or there is a manual about this, please, write a post!

Thanks a lot!

Pardon my poor English (I'm spanish...)

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